• @TotallynotJessica
    3 months ago

    Crenshaw is moderate by Republican standards, despite being conservative as fuck. He got harassed by groypers for not being fascist enough.

    The most supervillain looking Republicans are Crenshaw, Gaetz, Greene, McConnell, and Trump. Trump is amazing because he directly inspired several Hollywood villains before even becoming president. McConnell looks like a turtle mixed with Emperor Palpatine. Greene looks like a total Karen, but also the grinning titan from Attack on Titan. Gaetz is the most punchable frat boy corrupt politician in history. No one likes him except maybe Boebert, because he’s actually as much of a douche as he looks. The GOP will dump him like a hot coal at the first opportunity, as he’s caused so many problems for them.

    Honorable mentions to Santos and DeSantis for being exactly as pathetic and evil as they look.