• Developers of Cities: Skylines 2 have noticed a growing toxicity in their community, which is affecting engagement and creativity.
  • The CEO of Colossal Order expressed concern about the negative impact of toxicity on the team and the community.
  • The developers still encourage helpful criticism from the community but ask for it to be constructive and kind.

Archive link: https://archive.ph/mVaIY

  • @Copernican
    4 months ago

    Your comment was vague. I know there’s these days, but I was talking about a theme I have been seeing since around 2010. In the past 23 years we’ve had differing levels of inflation and what not, but entertainment seems to still draw communal vocal ire in ways that seem disproportional to more impactful issues caused by corporations.

    but to answer (again) your question…

    what question did i ask?

    • Cosmic Cleric
      04 months ago

      Your comment was vague.

      It’s not, if you understand the concept/story of “bread and circuses”.

      Both responses has a link to the wiki for it, that you can read up on, if you want further info on it.

      what question did i ask?

      I bolded it in both of my responses. It’s an implied, and not explicit, question.