This week, Republican governors across the country escalated their conflict with the Biden administration over the southern border by invoking the same legal theory that slave states wielded to justify secession before the Civil War.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, joined by 25 other GOP governors, now argues that the Biden administration has violated the federal government’s “compact” with the states—an abdication that justifies state usurpation of federal authority at the border.

This language embraces the Confederacy’s conception of the Constitution as a mere compact that states may exit when they feel it has been broken. It’s dangerous rhetoric that transcends partisan grandstanding. And as before, it’s being used to legitimize both nullification and dehumanization.

  • @CosmicTurtle
    604 months ago

    “Not like that! I want all of the privilege but none of the responsibility. Why are you being so unreasonable?!”

    • Republicans
    • WashedOver
      344 months ago

      Reminds me of Quebec. They wanted to separate from Canada but wanted to still use Canadian money and still have access to national Canadian programs.

      It’s not a pick and choose situation as much as you like it. You’re either in the country and a part of it, or you’re not.

      • @CosmicTurtle
        484 months ago

        Honestly, it’s the story of conservatives literally everywhere.

        Conservatives in UK: We want all of the benefits of being in the EU but not pay as much into it as those other countries, use our own money.

        EU: SIGH Fine!


        Conservatives in UK: We want out! We can’t stand the fact that non-white people can enter our country whenever they like. And we don’t want refuges.

        EU: Fine!

        (Later, after brexit)

        Conservatives: why can’t we just travel to Europe like we used to?

      • @[email protected]
        104 months ago

        What got me was wanting to be able to continue to have Canadian Passports.

        A lot of these movements are dominated be people that have a lot of pride in their region (which is fine) but don’t have a good grasp on international affairs to the point that they don’t actually understand what it means to be a country.

      • VindictiveJudge
        94 months ago

        They’d still be able to use Canadian money. There are eleven countries right now that use US currency as their official currency. The Canadian federal programs are right out, though.

    • @postmateDumbass
      84 months ago

      ME? Take responsibility for MY actions?

      Lol no. That’s a YOUR thing.

      • Also republicans
    • @CharlesDarwin
      14 months ago

      They do this on the micro level all the time with that “sovereign citizen” horse manure - going on and on about their “rights”? What fucking rights? You declared yourself someone who is not a citizen of the United States?!

      So if Texas were to secede, then cry that their electoral votes don’t count, that would just be the sovereign citizen BS writ large.