• @NucleusAdumbens
    114 months ago

    This makes me wonder if anyone has tried to pass off an AI generated photo of themselves as a passport photo or some other important official license/document yet. How would that go from a legal-trouble standpoint I wonder?

    • @Agent641
      204 months ago

      "In your photo you must not cover your face, smile, or have more than 10 fingers… "

    • @[email protected]
      34 months ago

      A while ago a collective in germany used a software to merge the faces of two people into one photo and used it on their passport. On one hand the idea was to evade facial-recognition software which uses the passports photo. On the other to use the passport to smuggle refugees into europe by plane.

      I am not sure the software was based on Machine learning but would strongly suspect it.

      (Source in German: https://taz.de/Peng-Kollektiv-faelscht-Passbilder/!5534868/ )