Per the pricing plan, all licenses are forever licenses, but the lowest two tiers only offer 1 year of updates.

After that you can choose to renew, or continue with your current version.

If you do not like subscriptions, there still a lifetime plan, but at a higher pricepoint.

All existing plans are grandfathered in.

Full announcement form Lime:

Note: I have mixed emotions about this, but I’m seeing a lot of rage bait, and if we’re going to rage we might as well have our facts straight.

If you haven’t subbed already and are interested, check out the unraid community at [email protected]. We are already discussing it over there too.

  • @thantik
    3 months ago

    I don’t watch TV, just shows and movies, so I didn’t ever need the DVR functionality. So I get that. NVENC encoding was as simple as choosing it and hitting save; so I’m not sure why you were having troubles there unless you were trying to set up docker or some shit, but that’s on you for using containerization, not on jellyfin.

    And the UI is short, sweet, and to the point - exactly what I want to select a show and have it get out of my way. It looks almost exactly like AndroidTV did when it was introduced. Just a nice, clean way to select and start what you want.

    • @wreckedcarzz
      33 months ago

      I don’t use the dvr functions myself, but family does, heavily, so it’s an automatic show-stopper at the end of the day until that sees some love.

      Docker, yeah. I have had minimal and solvable issues with other containers, and I believe docker is my only option (synology nas); but again I’d point at plex, as there’s a container available that has 0 setup for hwa (beyond the container pull), and it “just works” so…

      Eh, I mean it “works” but it’s this uninspiring blue-on-black with white text that feels like it came straight from 2004. It’s so… Toyota Corolla of UI “designs”. I guess if the settings were decently laid out and easy to understand I wouldn’t have to spend so much time staring at it and maybe it wouldn’t bother me but again the setup/config is painful and options are obtuse at times, requiring time and research and tinkering… so here we are :/