I apologize in advance if meme is insensitive, I keep accidentally implying things that I don’t mean whenever I make posts on the internet

  • @johannesvanderwhales
    123 months ago

    As someone who was always like this, careful, it starts to catch up with you more the older you get

    • @papalonian
      53 months ago

      Yeah, I’m hitting 30 in a couple years and it’s starting to show. I’ve been working on it, but I’ve had a trash diet since I was a kid so it’s a lot to undo.

    • @Dozzi92
      23 months ago

      Yep. Was very active all through high school, swimming competitively. Marine Corps after high school til late 20s kept me staying very active. All stopped and the pounds came on slow, but now, a decade later, I realize it’s not so slow and have to dial up fitness and do some food tracking for a bit, before ultimately going back. I love a good cycle.