get it cruel bcuz hes mean but also ruel is pronounced like rule (please clap)

  • @rustyfish
    3029 days ago

    It’s more like a warning. I went to London once, it wasn’t pleasant.

    • @BluesF
      729 days ago

      London is full of excellent amazing things but they’re spread out over an absurdly large area so it’s such a pain doing anything. And everyone who lives there is so numb to it! They’ll happily indulge every day in 3-4 hours of public transport as if this is a rational way to live.

      I’m very happy that they have a reasonably decent transit system, but fuck me I wanted those 4 hours in my life actually.

    • @samus12345
      29 days ago

      I liked it, although it was 36 years ago. Couldn’t speak to how it is now.

    • @Etterra
      227 days ago

      Hey I’ve seen 28 days later. There were no crabs in that movie. That just can’t be a coincidence.

  • @weeeeum
    2329 days ago

    this is humorous because a crustacean is unlikely to make substantive threats of grave bodily injury or harm to human beings and less likely to thoroughly enact them.

  • @ThePyroPython
    829 days ago

    I’d say it’s more like direct but sincere advice.