which one of u was going to tell me that tea tastes different if u put it in hot water?



y- you were putting it in cold water???



Radish. Answer the question radish.



yeah??? i thought for like. 5 years that ppl just put it in hot water 2 speed up the tea-ification process didn’t realize there was an actual reason



#u think i have the patience to boil water wtf ???

You dont have the patience to microwave water for 3 minutes???



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why are you. putting it in the microwave to boil it



Do you think I have the patience to boil water on the stove



Its takes less than a minute



Bestie is ur stovetop powered by the fucking sun



How long does it take you to boil a cup of water on the stove



Like seven minutes



Just stick the mug on top of the stove on medium heat n it boils in like two minutes… less than that is u use a saucepan…



Crying you’re putting the whole mug on the stove ??? On medium heat??? Ur stove is enchanted



Every single person in this post is a fucking lunatic



Yet another post that reads like four shakespeare characters who come out in the middle of the play to talk about something completely unrelated for comic relief




RADISHN’T: Prithee, which one of you had planned to tell

Of diff’rent flavours gained by simple act

Of brewing tea with water hot, not cold?

MOTHMAN: Egad! you poured the water cold? Wherefore?!

FROG: An answer from you, Radish, I must beg.

RADISHN’T: Indeed I did, dear friends - why does this shock?

Without the guide of others I assumed

That heat was merely added for the sake

Of expediting this solution’s brewing!

Half a decade I have spent, or more,

Not questioning this worldview I had made.

In fact, I am myself a bit surprised

That you might think that I, your dearest friend,

Might have a patience of sufficient stock

To wait until a pot of water boils.

FROG: Three minutes overtaxes patience so?

The microwave will beep when it is done!

CATS’N: My friend, this answer vexes me the more!

Can it be true that thou dost boil by nuke?!

FROG: Are you in turn, my friend, so shocked to know

That I have not the patience, like our Root,

To boil upon the stove our favour’d drink?

CATS’N: It takes less than a minute!

FROG: On what plate?

Perhaps your dinner cooks atop the sun?

CATS’N: How long can take your stove to fill the task

Of boiling but a single cup alone?

FROG: In minutes?

CATS’N: Yes!

FROG: I counted seven, once.

CATS’N: Perhaps you ought to have your timepiece checked!

If on a middle heat you place the cup

You soon will have the scalding drink you crave.

Two minutes, in a mug upon the plate

Or even less, if you should have a pot.

FROG: You cause me tears - is this how thou dost live?

You place upon the iron stove a mug?

A mug, ceramic, filled with water cold?

How do these flames, though medium in height,

Not shatter like a glass this fragile thing?

Surely, then, your kitchen is bewitched

With magicks far beyond the mortal ken!

(The FOUR realise they have wandered into the THRONE ROOM. The ROYAL COURT watches with fascination.)

KING: Ev’ry single person in this group

must be a fucking lunatic, it seems.

  • Zagorath
    243 months ago

    Fuck yeah. Love me a @[email protected] vid. As a non-American, before I first saw that one, I didn’t even know microwaving water was a thing Americans did.

    But since seeing it, I now actually use my kettle to boil water for other purposes, like cooking pasta, too. It’s great. Both much faster, and also uses less water than my old method, which was pouring hot water out of my kitchen tap (which required waiting a long time and a lot of wasted cold water for the hot water to get through the pipes from the water heater to my kitchen), then pouring that into a pot, then putting the pot on the stove and bringing it the rest of the way to the boil.